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At Ease Massage


 This is bodywork that leaves you refreshed.  I quiet down all the parts of you that have been overworking.  You'll walk out feeling taller, lighter, freer.  Ordinary walking will have an enjoyable new meaning. You'll be able to sit at a desk or behind a steering wheel with ease. You'll notice increased flexibility, leading to a new ease in sports and daily activities.  Specific results of a session will be:  disappearance of musculo-skeletal discomforts, and pains; heightened energy and vitality; better posture; greater joint mobility; and a deep sense of relaxation.  

Here are the ways I achieve this mission:

Client Focus

I learn about each client before any therapy begins.  When we schedule the first appointment, I clarify therapy objectives and provide information on different options for the client to consider. When clients arrive, I observe how they move while walking, talking, sitting, and standing before they even get on the massage table. I learn about their lifestyle and history and what brings them to me. Once on the table, I tie together all this information with an assessment of the body: the flexibility of the spine and neck; how much resilience/springiness there is through the connective tissue; joint range of motion; hardness/suppleness in the feel of the muscles.

With those clients who are interested, I then discuss how best to achieve their therapy objective(s). After each session, I study my notes and together with client feedback assess how to continue treatment using one or several of the techniques I practice.

With 16 years of experience informing me and what just about everyone who has been on my table describes as my healing touch, I go to work.


I love connecting with clients as their teammate -- helping them come to an awareness of deleterious patterns they have developed over time and then developing a sustainable method for changing and replacing those patterns with more comfortable and efficient ways of moving, standing, sitting.  My experience tells me that allowing you to become “the” expert on yourself, with me as your guide, is more meaningful and long-lasting than just handing you a page of exercises after relaxing and unwinding you on the massage table.

Patience and Open-Mindedness

Changing patterns, like learning anything new, can take time and usually bears repetition. By being patient with my clients, I witness beautiful transformations occurring right before my eyes (and hands).  We start with problem(s) that may have originated years ago, or that have accumulated over time.  It may take one session or may take a series to discover and unravel what's going on, and to develop longlasting solutions.

Continuous Professional Development

To be a licensed massage therapist in Washington, DC, 24 hours of continuous education is required. I take over 100 hours of continuing education courses each year. I love learning new techniques and skills and weaving them into those I already have to help clients.

Services & Rates

Students and individuals over the age of 65, please contact me directly for special pricing.

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Phone: 202-686-7202


Location:  4201 Cathedral Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.  

There is plenty of free parking.  The N2 bus line stops at the door of the building, and it's a short walk to Tenleytown Metro.  Nearby are American University, Tenleytown, Glover Park, Georgetown.